Monday, June 18, 2012

Decisions Over Time

Ah! I ain't broken!
They just mess with my mind
That's all!
That was when i lost all.

There's someone...
And another someone.
I don't know what to do!
Maybe, I love the two?

Things are now in worst!
Because of pride in the world
And these worries makes me think of bluff
That I know enough, he had enough.

I know i'm at fault!
But you can't blame a young heart
Lost in her own blood.
Drowning in love.

Right! Just one is right
For a young girl like me
Who waited patiently for a man 
Who has courage to come back...

Look! It's him!
Four years gone...
New and fresh love
He brought..


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

what was that?

I knew it!
What was that?
You still reject me...

forgot me?

How could I?
I saw you earlier
With a flashing smile!
To her...

I can't feel you
I know you do too.

But why am I
Forcing you to knock
When I know you're looking
At a heart that's unlocked?

what was that? His friend asked
With a sneer on what I think,
Not a face.

"Just a breeze."
You said
To a friend
As you passed by me.

A friend
You walked close by,
Hand in hand,
You in a flashing smile.

What was that?
My self asked.
Just a jealousy
That i think will last.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th!!!

in the shadows....
for you....


actually... i was the one searching for him (referring to the cat)
this is Tom-Tom :) and he's searching for food XD

A Bloom to Wither

Standing still?
Walk, run, leap!
Move! That's why you lived.

You're a blossom
Yet to bloom
Sadly, I just see you
Kept in a room

Won't walk, run, leap?
Then try to sleep!
To keep your beauty
For the soil you leaned.

I saw you day to day
Talking to that sun.
You're such a waste.

Then I, the cloud,
 will never ever let my rain
 fall for you again...

i took this one :)
no photoshops :)

Youth... Sleep Well...

My youth...
Yawn to your best
The bed will do the rest
Sleep tight

Arms around you...

Close your eyes
And dream that you play
In the gardens of white...
There I'll make you stay...

And no more cry...

just made this poem.. inspired by the issues of mothers who put their child to "sleep" because of poverty...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just The Way Things Are

i feared for he stumbles me down yet brings me up... i feared that the one i love will come back...

i LIED for he stumbles me down yet brings me up... i LIED that the one i love will come back

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